Projektnummer: # Projekttitel: ECABA
Energy-efficient Cognitive Autonomous Building Automation
Projektleiter Gerhard Zucker (AIT) and Samer Schaat (ICT)
Adresse Gusshausstrasse 27/384, 1040 Wien
Universität /
Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Computertechnik
Bewilligungsdatum Bewilligungsdatum (03.06.2014)
Beginn Projektbeginn (01.09.2014)
Projektende (31.08.2015)
Gebiet(e) Building Automation
Keywords Building Automation, Cognitive Systems,
Control Systems, Adaptive Systems

Building automation is a field with a strong link to human comfort. The goals of operation are complex, ambiguous and contradictory: indoor comfort, energy efficiency, high availability, low costs. In order to improve building operation, a cognitive model is needed that can autonomously plan operation strategies by using world knowledge and provide plasticity. This can be achieved based on the 15 years of research work by Vienna University of Technology that yielded a functional model of the human mind; this model shall now be applied to building automation.

Alexander Wendt

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