Projektnummer: # Projekttitel: CogMAS
Cognitive Multi-Agent System Supporting Marketing Strategies of Environmental-Friendly Energy Products
Projektleiter Samer Schaat
Adresse Gusshausstrasse 27/384, 1040 Wien
Universität /
Technische Universität Wien
Institut für Computertechnik
Bewilligungsdatum Bewilligungsdatum (03.06.2014)
Beginn Projektbeginn (01.10.2014)
Projektende (30.09.2015)
Gebiet(e) Kognitive Multi-Agent Simulations
Keywords Decision Making, Cognitive Systems, MAS,
Marketing, Decision Support Systems

Agent-based simulation and the SiMA (Simulation of the Mental Apparatus & Applications) cognitive architecture can be powerful tools for examining consumer decisions. In order to do so, we will – together with researchers from marketing psychology – develop a parameterizable functional model for simulating human-like behaviour to support marketing strategies. Furthermore, we will run simulations capable of human-like decisions by integrating the dimensions of emotions and social pressure on computational models for consumer choice using multi-agent simulation based on the SiMA agent prototypes and case-based driven agent simulations we have already developed. This will expand the effectiveness of cognitive architectures when modelling consumer choice and provide a starting point for follow-up research that will be concerned with developing decision support tools for testing concrete marketing strategies of environmental friendly electricity products.

Note: Before the 11. of February 2015, the SiMA project was named ARS

Samer Schaat
Stefan Wilker
Dietmar Dietrich
Roman Widholm
Florian Sam
Aleksandar Miladinovic

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